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Indirizzo: Contrada Forno , 84070 - San Mauro la Bruca (SA)    Prenotazioni: Tel/fax +39 0974974203 -Cell.+39 3367327893 - Skype cuscus50


Our restaurant is family owned. We have adopted a set menu that changes every day. We have a local traditional menu, one vegetarian and one regional.

The menu is inspired by the traditional cuisine of Cilento. Especially the soups. The regional menu is the pasta dishes of the Cilento and a touch of class regions. The vegetarian menu is fed from our organic garden. The same as vegan. We can meet the needs of celiacs, diabetics and intolerance in general.

During the autumn / winter season are used two rooms, one with fireplace. We also have a small bar where you can drink just coffee