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Indirizzo: Contrada Forno , 84070 - San Mauro la Bruca (SA)    Prenotazioni: Tel/fax +39 0974974203 -Cell.+39 3367327893 - Skype cuscus50

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Farmhouse Cilento apartments in Cilento Italy

"Imagine an endless stretch of mountains, and just one shady valley...You would praise its climate. Here, bushes carry an abundance of berries; holm oaks offer acorns to the animals and shade to the master. Here is Palinuro, between the woods and the sea. This place is so dear to me and – believe me – so beautiful..."
Farmhouse Cilento apartments in Cilento Italy

Good morning. We look at our beautiful property. We are not a tourist village. We do not provide entertainment. Who is we must be prepared to rest, relaxation, healthy food and organic
We have a special offer for you. Until 30 June and from September onwards, we offer seven nights for the price of 6.
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